Unofficial FAQ v1.06


This list of Frequently Asked Questions is designed for players of the Doctor Who CCG who wish to get the most out of their games. It is not a FAQ for the Doctor Who television programme itself. Please note that this FAQ is not supported in any way by the BBC or MMG Limited.

This FAQ should be regarded as a work in progress. If you have additions, corrections, or other comments, please send them to robin at:

This FAQ is posted regularly to the newsgroups rec.arts.drwho and, and is available at:

In addition, it is posted to the Doctor Who CCG mailing list.

Changes from the last version include: 1.0, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 (new), 3.14, 3.18-3.25 (new), 4.10 (new), 4.11 (new), 4.14-4.20 (new), 5.4 (new), 6 (new)

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