Unofficial FAQ v1.06


2.1 What are the different Doctor Who card rarities?

A: The Doctor Who CCG consists of 302 cards in five rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare, Promo. These are abbreviated C, U, R, X, and P respectively. Time and Watcher cards are called Special (S), because although they have a rarity, they are not found in the same distribution as the other cards.

2.2 How can I tell which cards in my starter deck are rare?

A: Starter decks contain 60 cards plus a rules booklet and a separate pack of 9 Specials (Time and Watcher cards). Cards in the main pack are arranged as follows, if held face up: 11U, 5S, 3R, rules, 41C. It is not known whether the Rares include potential Ultra-Rares.

2.3 What about the booster packs?

A: Booster packs contain 12 cards in a fixed rarity order. Viewed face up, this is: 2U, 1R, 9C. It is not known how often an Ultra-Rare shows up in a booster.

2.4 What are all the different types of cards?

A: Cards come in several types: Creature, Resource, Flash, Episode, and Time. The Watcher is a special type of Creature. For convenience in listings, the first letter of each type is used as an abbreviation. Creatures and Time cards are coloured to indicate their Time Zone: Past (P), Present (R), Future (F), Timeless (T).

2.5 How can I get a complete card listing?

A: A complete card list with rarities has been completed and should be available where you found this FAQ.

2.6 Are you sure the rarity distributions for starters and boosters are correct? It looks like starters are the best deal.

A: Other CCGs share this surprising characteristic: it’s cheaper to buy starters than boosters. In the case of Doctor Who 3 boosters (US $2.95 each) contain 3R, 6U, and 27C. For about the same price a starter (US $9.95) also contains 3R, but has 11U, 41C, 14S, rules, and the box itself.

Of course, it could very well be that ultra-rare cards are only found in boosters. In that case, those who plan on buying a lot of cards would be advised to look for good deals on booster boxes.

2.7 How rare are the ultra-rare cards?

A: No-one knows for sure, but some players have opened 2 booster boxes without finding one.

2.8 What is the Exterminate! card and where can I get one?

A: Exterminate! is a “promo” card that was included with Scrye #15. Unless you can locate a copy of this magazine (which becomes more difficult as time goes on) you’ll have to trade for it.

2.9 I’ve got a Future Time card which says “ME” instead of “TIME”. Is this a rare misprint?

A: Well, it is a misprint, but doesn’t seem all that rare. It may occur as much as half the time. The card in question is Future Time 3 according to the Unofficial Card List.

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