Unofficial FAQ v1.06


4.1 The Time Eddy Flash returns to the players’ hands their last played cards. How far back does this effect work? Do the cards have to have been played on the current turn?

A: The effect has no turn limit. If the card in question is a Creature or Resource it could be that that card has been Sided since it was played. Any effects generated by the card are unchanged, even though it now returns to your hand.

4.2 Tegan Jovanka gives +1 Substance to Doctor Who V if in the same Zone. Does this mean that my Tegan gives my opponent’s Doctor V a bonus?

A: Yes. A Time Zone includes both players’ cards.

4.3 Giant Robot states “Must attack each turn. Failing to do so makes Siding compulsory.” Does this mean that my Robot can attack even if it’s not in the Chosen Time Zone (CTZ)?

A: No! The CTZ rule should be interpreted as overriding all card text unless explicitly stated otherwise. The Giant Robot *is* ambiguous in this respect, but for play balance interpret it as follows: “Must attack each turn if in the CTZ. If it does not or cannot attack, Side the card.”

4.4 What about cards which don’t specify Time Zones? For example, Trionic Lock states: “oo Locks a target Resource preventing it from Siding or Standing this turn”? Can the target be in a different Time Zone?

A: No. This card does not explicitly state where the target Resource must be, so by default it can only affect targets in the same Time Zone.

4.5 But doesn’t this contradict the Demat Gun which states: “oo Destroy any one card in play. You must Side a Time Lord to use.”?

A: This is not a contradiction, because the Demat Gun is explicit in stating its exception to the rule. It *can* destroy a card in a different Time Zone.

However, it *does not* explicitly state where the Time Lord must be. Hence, the Time Lord has to be in the CTZ along with the Demat Gun. Unfortunately, the rules are unclear on this point, since Siding the Time Lord is not a Special ability of the Time Lord card, and hence is not explicitly restricted by the CTZ rule.

4.6 Can the TARDIS Resource move to another Time Zone without taking any cards with it?

A: Good question. The card says, “Move this TARDIS and either one of your Creatures or Resources, from this Zone to another Zone.” This is oddly worded; the word “either” is extraneous.

A literal interpretation would be that the TARDIS cannot move alone. A more liberal reading, given the odd wording, is that the TARDIS is able to move itself. After all, if it can move a Zarbi, and operate without a Time Lord, it can do just about anything!

4.7 The Chameleon Circuit Resource can Side to prevent damage to the TARDIS. Does it have to be in the same Time Zone as the TARDIS?

A: Apparently so, since the card does not explicitly state that the TARDIS can be in any Time Zone. Since the Chameleon Circuit must be in the CTZ to Side, then the TARDIS must be in the CTZ as well.

4.8 Why do the Romans and The Brothers of Demnos have different wordings though their effects are the same?

A: Their effects are not quite identical. Romans says “+1 to each Roman, for every other Roman in play on your side, in any one Zone.” Thus, if you have 2 Romans, each will have a Support value of 2. Any Romans your opponent has in play do not affect your cards.

In contrast, The Brothers of Demnos has “+1 Support for each additional Brother of Demnos in play.” Note that if your opponent has one Brother and you have another, both have their Support raised to 2.

4.9 What about Greek Hoplites? Does the first such card increase the values?

A: Greek Hoplites has the Innate ability “+1 Energy / +1 Substance for every Greek Hoplite in play on your side.” The card starts with values 1/1. This effect can be interpreted in one of two ways.

If read literally, the *first* copy of the card would start as 2/2 since it *is* a Greek Hoplite in play! Thus, if you had 2 Greek Hoplites in play, each would be 3/3 Creatures.

The second interpretation is that the card text should say “every *other* Greek Hoplite” to conform to how the Romans and Brothers (and Zarbi and others) work. This interpretation is supported by the fact that even the Romans and Brothers don’t use consistent wording to achieve a similar effect. Also, this interpretation prevents the Hoplites from becoming over-powerful Creatures.

4.10 Does a horde of Mongols have increased Support value?

A: No. One Mongol is a 1/1/1 Creature. Three Mongols act as a single 3/3/1 Mongol horde.

4.11 Does a Mongol horde gain a bonus from Kublai Khan before or after they band together as a horde?

A: Since the Mongols are now essentially a single Creature, their glorious leader only gives them the bonus once. They are now a 4/4/1 Creature.

4.12 One of my Watchers has different values from the rest. What gives?

A: The Past Watcher 3 has values 1/0/0 instead of 1/1/0. Assume it is a misprint.

4.13 I’ve just noticed that my Daemons has different text than the cards shown on page 3 of the rules. What’s up?

A: It appears that some cards were changed very close to the final release of the game. Some early print advertisements also showed alternative versions of cards.

4.14 DN6 states that “All Creatures with Energy of 3 or greater are destroyed.” Does this mean original Energy or final Energy taking into account any boosting effects?

A: Final Energy. Trick your opponent into boosting their Creature, destroy them with DN6, and then laugh evilly.

4.15 Kontron Crystals can be traded for one card from your discard pile. Can this be a Time card?

A: No! (Whack!) When Time cards are removed, they don’t go to the same discard pile. What good would a Time card sitting in a Time Zone do anyway?

4.16 Tartarus destroys a spaceship. What cards are spaceships?

A: The spaceship resources are: Master’s Spaceship, Space Freighter, Space Pod, Spar 7.40, and V-Ship.

4.17 UNIT Soldier states that it gets “+1 Substance if in Trench resource.” What does being in a resource mean?

A: This card is badly worded, but take it to mean that the Trench Resource has been Sided to help the UNIT Soldier.

4.18 Does Adric have to be in the Past Zone for his special ability to work?

A: No, but he does have to be in your CTZ.

4.19 Q Capsule is a Flash which Stands a Sided card. Does this cancel the action that card took?

A: The card text doesn’t say anything about cancelling actions so it doesn’t. However, this card may be used to:

1. Stand one of your cards so it can use its support or special ability again. 2. Stand one of your cards so it can defend. 3. Stand an opponent’s card so it can be attacked.

4.20 Kinda Jhana’s Box gives “+1 Support to any Creature using a weapon.” What does this mean?

A: This is truly a silly card. There aren’t that many cards with the “race” Weapon (yes, these traits are all races according to the rules), and it’s unclear what it means to “use” such a card. Perhaps if a Creature is being modified by a weapon, Kinda Jhana’s Box can be used to assist them further.

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