Official Rules

About The Game

It is important to remember that unlike most games some cards contradict the rules. When this occurs cards are deemed to be correct.

Some cards are designed to make you think and will require your own interpretation, and the need to reach agreement with your opponent.

Owing to the nature of the game, disputes may arise. If both players cannot agree a compromise then always assume that a card favours the person that played it and the last card played overrides the previous card. Assume that an Episode card is to the detriment of the Solver.

In this game, the word play and its derivatives have specific meanings in relation to game play.

Play or playing a card means a card being put into a Time Zone.

A card is played means a card which is in a Time Zone.

A card in play means a card which is in a Time Zone.

Therefore any references to a card in play does not mean any card in the game, such as in the draw deck, in your hand or Time cards, but means a card in a Time Zone. Any reference to discarding any card to the discard pile means that it should go to the owner’s discard pile.

When a card states that Support should be altered it means the Support value.

Throughout the rules and on cards, the values of Energy, Substance and Support are separated by the symbol / which should be read as and. Sometimes these values are represeted in the short form of E/S/Sub or E/Sub/Sup.

Creature cards are sometimes described as Creatures.

Singular and plural names of Creatures have the same meaning.

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