Official Rules


Abilities: See p. 10.

Aliens: A Creature race.

Alive: Not discarded.

Assistants: A Creature race.

Attacking: The act carried out by the Creature or player whose combat phase it it.

Battle: The fight between the two main combatants

Block: The act of a Creature in a Time Zone which is chosen to be the target of an attack.

Blocking Creature: The defending player’s main combatant

Bonus: The capability to draw or play additional cards gained when playing in your bonus Time Zone.

Bonus Zone: The Time Zone which matches your up-turned Time card.

Clone: A card which can become an exact copy of another card or take on its abilities.

Combatants: The main attacker or defender in combat.

Counter: Prevents or stops.

Creatures: See p. 6.

Damage: The act of inflicting an effect which could weaken an opponent.

Deal Damage: Weaken the Energy, Substance or Support of a creature.

Defend: Any action you take while it is not your turn.

Defending: The act carried out by the Creature or player whose is being attacked during the combat phase.

Destroy: Cause a card to be discarded.

Destruction: Cause a card to be discarded.

Discard pile: Each player’s cards which have been destroyed, discarded or used make up their own discard pile.

Discard: Place card on your discard pile.

Draw deck: The deck of cards from which you draw cards during play.

Energy: One of the powers of a Creature.

Energy value: Quantifies this power of a Creature.

Episode: See p. 7.

Flash: See p. 8.

Hit: The Action which causes an opponent to discard a Time card.

Humans: A Creature race.

Inflict: Cause Damage to a Creature or cause a player to take a Hit.

Innate Ability: See p. 10.

In Zone: The Time Zone in which the card is.

Launch: The act of commencing an attack.

Leaves Play, Loose, Looses, Lost: Discard.

Main combatant: One of the two Creatures which engage in battle in the combat phase.

Out of Play: This card remains in the Time Zone it is situated in. However, for all purposes it does not exist. Therefore it does not count in the six card Zone level and cannot be attacked destroyed or used in any way.

Races: The collective term for each specific group of Creatures.

Regenerate: Allows a card which has been destroyed to be kept in play.

Resource: See p. 8.

Robots: A Creature race.

Sacrifice: Immediately discard one of your cards in play.

Save: Not allow a card to be destroyed.

Side/Sided: See p. 9.

Solve number/Solver: See p. 7.

Special Ability: See p. 10.

Stand: See p. 9.

Substance: One of the powers of a Creature.

Substance value: Quantifies this power of a Creature.

The Watcher: A Creature not belonging to any Race.

Time cards: See p. 8.

Time Lords: A Creature race.

Time Zone: See p. 9.

Zone: Same as Time Zone.

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