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Original game concept by Paul Viall and Eamon Bloomfield.
Rules by Paul Viall and Eamon Bloomfield.
Rules edited and refined by Paul Viall and Steve Taylor.
Graphic design and illustration by Julie Chappell.

Very special thanks to Dave Starling.
Richard Hollis at BBC Worldwide.
Ilse Hendrickx and Luc Mertens at Carta Mundi.
Thanks to the Research and Development Teaml; Clive Bilcliff, John Blicliff, Nicky Bywater, Gary Horscroft, Brian Kavanagh, Lucy Ward and Sue Bloomfield.
Thanks to the Doctor Who MAgazine and Marvel Comics, the B.B.C. Picture Archives, Ian at Orange, John Grisman, Aaron Hercules, Carol Viall, and Ann Chappell.

Doctor Who, The Dalek and The Cybermen are Trade Marks of the B.B.C. These and other characters appeared in the B.B.C. Television Series Doctor Who. Doctor Who Diamond Logo (c) 1973. Dalek Device Mark (c) B.B.C./Terry Nation 1963. Licensed by B.B.C. Worldwide Limited. Rules, game play and design (c) M.M.G. Ltd. 1996.
Printed in Belgium by Carta Mundi for M.M.G. Ltd. P.O. Box 433, London WC2B 5LZ

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