Official Rules

The Cards


Creature cards are the main combatants in a player’s attack or defence. The cards are played in specific Time Zones which are indicated on the cards by coloured frames. Green for Past, red for Present, blue for Future and white for any Time Zone.

These cards state their Creature Race which are Aliens, Assistants, Humans, Robots and Time Lords. It is possible for a Creature to be a dual Race. For example, one such creature is a Dalek which has the dual Race of Aliens and Robots.

There is one type of creature called The Watcher which is not of any Race.

Creature cards have three values which are Energy, Substance and Support. Energy and Substance values determine the outcome of combat and the life of the Creature. The Support value is used to quantify the additional Energy or Substance that a Creature is allowed to take in or give out. Alternatively, the Support value can be used in conjunction with other Creatures to solve an Episode.

If a Creature has both its Energy and Substance reduced to 0 (zero) or less, then that Creature is destroyed. If a Creature card has its Energy, Substance or Support reduced to a negative value, the resulting value becomes 0 (zero).

A Creature card can only be played in the relevant phase.

A Creature can be sided in the turn in which it is played in order to give Support, but cannot be sided for any other purpose in this turn.

A Creature card which is sided can only do one of the following at one time: Give Support, use a Special ability, or solve an Episode.

A player’s Creature card which for any reason has been Sided by an opponent cannot activate its Special abilities.


These cards have a purple frame and can be played in any Time Zone, in the relavant phase of your turn, to affect your opponent’s play.

The effects the Episode card creates can be stopped by using the Support value of Creature cards.

The player on whom an Episode card is played is referred to as the Solver. Any references on the Episode cards to the opponent refer to the player of the card. Cards placed under Episode cards for any reason are considered out of play.

The effects of Episode cards only affect the Time Zone in which they have been played.


Cards with yellow frames which cause immediate effects and can be played at any time and in any Time Zone. These effects last until the end of the turn in which the Flash card is played However, if the effect causes a card to be moved or discarded, the effect is permanent. Flash cards are immediately discarded after use.


Cards with a grey frame that can be played in any Time Zone during the relevant phase. Resource cards have abilities written on them which can strengthen an attack or defence.


These cards represent the lives of a player and also provide bonus card opportunities for the player.

The player who forces their opponent to discard their last Time card to the discard pile, is the winner.

The upturned card on the Time card stack shows a player’s bonus Time Zone, which is indicated by coloured frames. Green for the Past, Red for the Present and Blue for the Future.

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