Official Rules

Key Elements

Time Zones

There are three Time Zones: Past, Present and Future. Each turn a player chooses a new Time Zone which is then known as the chosen Time Zone.

Cards are played into the chosen Time Zone where play takes place for that turn.


Side (turn through 90 degrees) a card to activate an effect or give support to a Creature card. A sided card indicates that the card has been used in a turn and cannot be used again until it Stands.

Stand (return to original position) a card at the start of a turn to use the effect or support again.

Diagrams Showing Standing And Sided Cards




Creature and Resource cards may have abilities written on them. The abilities are either Innate or Special and cause effects which can strengthen and attack or defence.

The effects of innate abilities are activated immediately a card is in play in a Time Zone.

Special abilities are preceded by the symbol . The card must be Sided to activate the ability. If a card has more than one Special ability, only one is activated on being sided. The player must choose which one.

A player is not allowed to activate the Special abilities on a card which is outside the chosen Time Zone. Any Special abilities activated can only affect other cards in the chosen Time Zone.

A player’s card which for any reason has been Sided by an opponent does not generate its Special abilities.


Support is the temporary boosting of the Energy, Substance or Support values of Creatures, by other Creatures, Resource or Flash cards.

Support is required when a creature is under threat and cannot defend itself without aid.

The following is an example of Supporting a Creature outside combat.

A player has a Standing Creature card which is an Alien named Daemons in the chosen Time Zone. Daemons have the Special ability of inflicting 1 damage, to either the Energy or Substance of another Creature.

The player sides Daemons to activate its Special ability. The player targets an opponent’s Standing Creature card to receive the activated effect. This is an Alien named Dulciens, which is in the same Time Zone.

Dulciens has neither received damage (which would reduce its values), or received Support (which would have increased its values). Therefore, it has its normal values of Energy, Substance and Support as written on the card.

Dulciens has 0 Energy / 1 Substance / 1 Support. The player who sided Daemons states that Dulciens must lose 1 Substance.

As the Substance of Dulciens would be reduced to 0 (zero) and the Energy is already 0, the Dulciens would be destroyed. The opponent decides to use the Resource Force Field which is in the chosen Time Zone, to support Dulciens. Force Field has the Special ability to give 2 Substance to any Creature. The opponent Sides Force Field and chooses Dulciens to receive the +2 Substance.

Dulciens therefore survives and having gained 2 Substance and lost 1 Substance now becomes a 0 Energy / 2 Substance Creature for the rest of the turn. Daemons remain Sided until their players next turn and cannot use its Special Abilities until then.

A Creature may also need support when attacking or defending in a combat situation.

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