Official Rules


Define play areas for the Past, the Present and the Future Time Zones. Allow room for cards to tbe placed in the Time Zones and also room for your draw deck, discard pile and Time card stack at the side of the Time Zones.

Separate the Time cards from the deck and shuffle them thoroughly without viewing the faces. Place them face down. This then becomes your Time card stack. Turn over the tope Time card the frame colour of which indicates your bonus Time Zone. Green for the Past, red for the Present and blue for the Future. Time cards cannot be added to the Time card stack after commencement of the game.

Separate three The Watcher cards from the deck and place them to one side ready to commence the game.

Each player then randomly shuffles their remaining cards and then takes 7 of them from the top of their deck. This is their hand. During the game you will draw more cards and there is no limit to the number of cards that may be held in your hand.

The remainder of the cards are placed face down and become that player’s draw deck.

Diagram Showing Set Up Of Cards
Diagram Showing Set Up Of Cards

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